The tradition of “jirking” (jerking) began in the Northeast hills of Jamaica over four hundred years ago and four cultures.

In 1494 the European Continent was introduced to the Greater Antilles with the visit of Christopher Columbus to Jamaica, then, known as Xamaica. That visit brought together the Spaniards and the Tiano Indians, initiating the mixture of two cultures- two different worlds. In the latter half of the 16th century, the Taino Indians experienced a change in their diet from purely agrarian to the consumption of beef and pork. Events at that time lead to the importation of Africans with a whole new set of customs and eating traditions. Added to this mixture were the customs of the Carib Indians from the Lesser Antilles.

The economy of Xamaica shifted from the exportation of cassava, corn and yam to the exportation of lard, pig’s fat. Pigs were butchered and boiled to extract the lard which was then exported to Spain, resulting in a massive waste of pig’s meat. Jirk Pork (Jerk Pork) was born. For preservation and reduction of waste, the meat was seasoned with wild pimiento berries, bird peppers, wild cinnamon bark, and sea-salt. The method of slowly cooking fish over charcoal was adapted to the preparation of pork. As a result, jerk pork became one of seasoning with these spices and natural preservatives, slowly cooking it on pimento (all-spice) sticks over charcoal, creating a barbecue grill.

This practice of Jirking today is widespread in Jamaica and is expanding throughout the United States and many parts of the world.

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